Gospel Meeting 2010 - Berry Kercheville

Berry Kercheville from Nashville, Tennessee gave us lessons on "How to Reach the LOST using the Gospel"

  • Wednesday, August 11 @ 7:30PM: Discipleship 101 (audio) (slides)
  • Thursday, August 12 @ 7:30PM: Always Knowing What to Say - Tactics in Evangelism (audio) (slides)
  • Friday, August 13 @ 7:30PM: Making the Most of Your Opportunities (audio) (slides)
  • Saturday, August 14 @ 5:00PM: Team Efforts in Reaching the Lost (audio) (slides), 
                                                                What Should I Teach? (audio) (slides) (material on oldwireroadchurch.com)
  • Sunday, August 15 @ 9:30AM: the Role of Bible Classes in the Local Church (audio) (slides)
  • Sunday, August 15 @ 10:30AM: Maintaining Our Priorities: the Foundation of Growth (audio) (slides)
  • Sunday, August 15 @ 5:00PM: Characteristics of Working Churches (audio) (slides
Slides are in Powerpoint format. A free viewer can be downloaded from Microsoft here.