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Wisdom From God

posted Aug 31, 2013, 9:06 PM by hbchurch org

“Acquire wisdom. Acquire Understanding!

Do not forget nor turn away from the words of my mouth.”   Proverbs 4:5


   As noted below, there are over 300 citations in the bible encouraging us to consider wisdom. We must acquire wisdom if we want to go to heaven. I urge everyone to read the edited portion of the article from the Theological Wordbook of the O.T. cited below. Word studies like the TWOT give us good background information which help us think about Bible words from the same viewpoint as the ancient people who first heard or read these sayings from the inspired poets.

   “The verb form of the Hebrew word encouraging people to have wisdom occurs 26 times in the O.T. but its derivatives appear 312 times. The essential idea of hakam represents a manner of thinking and attitude concerning life's experiences; including matters of general interest and basic morality. These concerns relate to prudence in secular affairs, skills in the arts, moral sensitivity, and experience in the ways of the Lord...

   The wisdom of the O.T. is quite distinct from other ancient world views although the format of wisdom literature is similar to that of other cultures. Reflected in O.T. wisdom is the teaching of a personal God who is holy and just and who expects those who know him to exhibit his character in the many practical affairs of life. This perfect blend of the revealed will of a holy God with the practical human experiences of life is also distinct from the speculative wisdom of the Greeks. The ethical dynamic of Greek philosophy lay in the intellect; if a person had perfect knowledge he could live the good life (Plato). Knowledge was virtue. The emphasis of O.T. Wisdom was that the human will, in the realm of practical matters, was to be subject to divine causes. Therefore, Hebrew wisdom was not theoretical and speculative. It was practical, based on revealed principles of right and wrong, to be lived out in daily life.”

   Modern thinking has a lot in common with Plato’s ideas i.e. knowledge (human wisdom) has all the answers. People are quick to embrace a man’s idea if they think it will help them improve their life. However, the wisdom which comes to us from God is often ridiculed or ignored. Even many claiming to be Christians discard these priceless jewels of wisdom. Only a fool would refuse such a treasure chest of divine gems. Do you want wisdom? Acquire it and live it! You’ll be glad you did.   KD