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When the Inevitable in not Imminent

posted Jan 16, 2012, 4:42 PM by hbchurch org
Those whose business it is to make predictions are able to price their sevices based upon past performance. If their track record is near perfect, then they can demand a hefty fee for their advice. But since no man has a perfect record, the prognosticators have devised a way to hedge on their misses.

I can’t remember when meterologists started using probabilities in forcasting tomorrow’s weather, but it cetainly helped their “batting average”. Think about it; they can’t be wrong when they predict a xx% chance of rain. If it rains they are right and if it doesn’t, they are still right. Other predictors seem to have learned something from the weathermen (or is it weatherpersons?).

For example, a man who is predicting the total collapse of our economic system said, “just because it is inevitable does not mean that it is imminent”. Now he is covered even if he lives for another 100 years because he can always say, “it is going to happen someday”. If it happens next week he will probably be hearlded as a genius. In reality his prediction is open-ended—he can’t be proven wrong, not yet anyway.

Those who choose to give an ear to this sage from Arizona have a couple of options. They can position themselves for an immediate collapse (which usually means buying precious metals and stockpiling food), or they continue their normal lives ignoring the threat of an economic debacle. The extreme version of this last person would be one who only lives for today, unconcerned about tomorrow. This also describes most people’s attitude toward God’s warning about the end of the world. Few take it seriously.

When or if our monetary system / economy will collapse is speculation. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. The truth is: NOBODY KNOWS! But people sure get up tight about the possibility.

I wonder how many of these same people are ready for the inevitable (no maybe’s re: this event), i.e. the Lord’s return? Precious few I am certain. Why? Because most people, including many Christians, don’t view the inevitable as an imminent possiblity. They may give lip-service to a belief in His return, but see no need to be ready NOW.

It is so easy to procrastinate when there is no sense of urgency. People can fill their pockets with gold and freeze-dried food if they want, but we better listen to the only One who knows the future. He said, “be ye also ready; for in an hour that you think not the Son of man commeth” (Mat. 24:44). Are you ready?   Ken Dart