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Satan Wins Again - 757 to 475

posted Jun 23, 2013, 11:03 PM by hbchurch org


Satan’s persistent and patient posture has produced another victory for the forces of evil. As noted in the title, the vote was 757 to 475 in his favor. The battle against the homosexual advocates by the Boy Scouts of America has been sprinkled with recurring rays of hope until now. Thirteen years ago they took their case all the way to the Supreme Court and won. Just two years ago they stood firm in their position against the pressure to admit homosexuals into the BSA. But this week the spineless succumbed to the relentless pressure from Satan’s soldiery and voted to change their 100+ year old policy.

The news report about this tragedy pointed out that 70% of the 116,000 local scout units have ties with a church in their respective communities. The implication of this fact suggests that there might be a conflict here between the new BSA policy and various religious sponsors. Undoubtedly, this will happen in some cases, but given the trend in the major denominations toward tolerance (of sin - kd), the impact will likely be minimal. The author of the article noted that the LDS church has already given tacit approval to the new policy. If true, this shows the power of the pressure to let the lies of Satan override the expressed will of God.

Most people reading this article probably won’t be directly impacted by this decision unless you have a boy scout in your family. Even though we may not feel the immediate sting of the scorpion’s strike, we must not be indifferent toward the enemy’s advances. The deeper he sinks his fangs into the soul of our nation, the harder it will be to extract them. In fact, history teaches us that the moral tide seldom turns until after sin appears to be the victor. But don’t despair.

In spite of Satan’s triumphs, he will lose the war! Not only will he suffer ultimate defeat (Rev. 20:10), but those choosing to stand with the Lord against him will enjoy an eternal reward in the domain of Deity (Rev. 22:1-5). God and goodness will win over Satan and sin - the vote is already in on this question. Knowledge of this fact is intended to re-enforce our resolve and rejuvenate our reliance upon our Lord. He is the victor! We should never doubt the outcome, not even for one millisecond. This was the crux of John’s message to persecuted saints in the churches of western Asia minor. The people in Pergamum lived in the shadow of “Satan’s throne”, but John urged all to remain faithful. The reward (the crown of life - Rev. 2:10) is promised to all who overcome. Don’t be dissuaded by last week’s vote. In the end God & His people win! Stay the course!  KD