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God Bless America! Really?

posted Aug 30, 2013, 1:48 PM by hbchurch org   [ updated Aug 30, 2013, 1:50 PM ]

Today’s America is not the America of 1918 and we are certainly not seeking guidance “through the night with a light from above”. Rather, many Americans live solely by the light of their own lusts. God is out of the picture for the majority. Consequently, our morals have taken a nosedive. The secularist might quickly quip, “so what?” “It’s good to be freed from the bondage of religious shackles”. Here is one answer to that “so what?” question.

In volume one of Democracy in America, author Alexis de Tocqueville wrote, "On close inspection, we shall find that religion, and not fear, has ever been the cause of the long-lived prosperity of an absolute government."

The French historian and political writer came to that conclusion after spending nine months traveling the U.S. in 1831. He also discovered, "Patriotism and religion are the only two motives in the world that can long urge all the people towards the same end."

America has known from its beginnings that our rights and our freedoms come from our Creator. Unless we bless and honor almighty God -- and ask the same from Him -- our nation cannot and will not prosper.

Long before that Frenchman crossed the Atlantic, the Ruler of the whole universe inspired a poet to say, “Blessed is the nation whose God is Jehovah...”. (Psa. 33:12a) In another place a man of God observed, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Prov. 14:34). Do we (as a nation) truly believe that God will lift up America based on of our version of righteousness? Is it possible to read the Bible, even casually, and come away with the impression that God approves of the course we have taken? Only the naive or deluded could arrive at such a conclusion. Yet, thousands of people frequently sing God Bless America in various venues thinking something like, “America is God’s nation”. Is this just a case of wishful thinking or are we morally numb? Probably some of each, because if we looked at our national conscience through God’s eyes we would change our tune.

His reaction to sodomy is well documented (Gen. 19). Murdering millions of unborn children in the name of choice is utterly unthinkable to Him (Jer. 7:31). Embracing avowed enemies of Christ and calling it religious tolerance is both unrighteous and suicidal. If we really want God to bless America, we must make sure people know what is right according to divine definitions, not on the basis of political ploy or court decree. Be assured, God will not bless complacent conformity to cultural conduct and political correctness.  KD