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Get Your Potasium-Iodine Tablets Now!

posted Mar 26, 2011, 10:52 PM by Kelvin Leu   [ updated Mar 26, 2011, 10:57 PM by hbchurch org ]
Isn’t it interesting how quickly people react to possible threats. Shelves in local drug stores were emptied of potassium iodide tablets in a blink of an eye last week. sold out of Geiger counters and other radiation related items. The panic was triggered by the fear of radiation contamination from the damaged nuclear reactors at the crippled power plants in Japan.
Now, I am all for preparedness when it comes to the danger posed by both natural and man-made threats to our well-being. So, if you want to have K-I tablets in your emergency kit that’s fine. But the rush to buy these items last week did trigger a few thoughts on the priority of our concerns.
Based upon “sidewalk” interviews, it appears that few people are prepared for potential threats from earthquakes, tsunami events, or nuclear disasters. Why?
Procrastination certainly plays a part in unpreparedness. We all acknowledge the dangers and the need for readiness, but we think we are too busy to bother with the tedium of buying and assembling our readiness kits. Others may be thinking, “this has never happened before, so why should I be worried?” This sounds like the people who scoffed at Peter’s warning about the coming end of the world. (2 Pet. 3:4 ff) 
This raises the question, “Why are people more afraid of the remote possibility of exposure to a dab of radiation than the certain return of the Lord and end of the world? Procrastination? 
Many reasons could be given, but the most important question is, “Are you ready for the Lord’s return?” Is it a high priority concern? Numerous warnings appear in the N.T. advising us that the Lord will return without any advanced warning (Mat. 24:44; 25:13, et al). There will be no window of opportunity to run to higher ground or don our 2nd advent “bunny suit” and pop a couple of K-I pills.
Unpreparedness is not advisable. There will be no rescue teams to save the negligent or second opportunities to redo the choices we have made. The Lord’s return is not merely a possibility, it is certain.
If you were 100% sure that a 9.0 earthquake was going to hit O. C. next week, what would you do? Get ready? Of course. Well, Jesus IS coming back and there is no place you can go to escape it. The only thing you should do is BE READY. Are you?

by Ken Dart
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