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Deadly Distractions

posted Aug 7, 2013, 12:06 PM by hbchurch org
We live in a world rife with distractions some of which are downright deadly. The tragic train wreck in Spain on July 24 may have been the result of a distracted driver. The recovered black box and the driver’s own testimony reveal that he was on the phone talking to a co-worker about the arrival platform at their next stop. This was either just before or at the time of the crash. In his testimony before a judge, he said he could not explain why he had not slowed the train for the curve. Was he distracted, not realizing where he was until it was too late? What ever the cause the result is the same—79 deaths. The current charge: negligent homicide.

The spot where the train left the track was at a curve with a speed limit. We all know that curves and corners pose an inherent threat to our well-being. The laws of physics are inviolable—we must respect them or suffer the consequences. Most people reading this article probably learned this lesson on their first tricycle or bicycle after a painful spill, a few tears, and a comforting hug following the application of a dab of Mercurochrome on our little road rash.

Let us not forget who set the laws of nature in place—God did. Can you imagine trying to live without them? Undeniably, gravity is a law that brings order to our physical world. But it also must be respected. We ignore it to our own peril. Someone might choose to defy its relevance and jump off a high building, but the smudge on the sidewalk will bear testimony to the law’s reality. In the same way, accidents, often caused by carelessness or distractions, confirm the importance of paying attention to these and other similar laws.

Just like God has woven the laws of physics into our everyday world, He has also laid down certain spiritual laws we must heed. From the beginning of time, He has made it clear that the “wages of sin is death” (Gen. 2:17; Rom. 6:23). Satan says, “deny this truth”. Adam and Eve did and were separated from God (death). Tragically, many people still believe this same lie.

But the devil has another device in his arsenal that he uses on those who do acknowledge the reality of God’s law. He dangles the deadly distractions of the “pleasures of sin” (Heb. 11:25) in our face. Then after we take the bait and survive, seemingly unscathed, he is there to remind us, “you are still alive—see, you can ignore God and live” (2 Pet. 3:3-4).

There are many examples of what happens when God’s laws of physics are violated (plane, train, & car crashes, etc.). It doesn’t matter whether the cause was blatant rebellion or negligence; the result is the same—tragedy. When the train driver saw the curve he said he thought, “O my God, the curve, the curve, the curve. I won’t make it!” It was too late. The passengers who perished or were injured were innocent victims. They had no choice. We do. Don’t listen to Satan’s lies; ignore his deadly distractions. God said of Jesus, “hear ye Him”. Does He have your undivided attention?   KD