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posted Aug 7, 2013, 12:03 PM by hbchurch org
The City of Detroit’s financial woes have given a hungry media fresh fodder for their pens. One issue being discussed involves the old blame game. Who is at fault for the failure? Some of the suggested suspects include: greedy union members, the demise of the U.S. auto industry, bungling financial managers, the economy, et al. I heard one man say he would advise union members to sue their bosses for encouraging them to sign an agreement that contained impossible promises. Almost everyone is looking for someone else to blame. Nobody is stepping up to the plate and saying, “It’s my fault. I blew it”.

So what is new? As I recall, neither Adam nor Eve were eager to acknowledge their disastrous decision. Didn’t they try to blame God, their spouse, or the serpent? (Gen. 3) This is a classic example of how Satan does his dirty work. He wants us to think that we are innocent of any wrongdoing or bad choices. If we buy in to his lies, then we will never see a need to repent. This, in spite of the fact that God commands “...all men everywhere to repent”. (Acts 17:30). If we listen to his lies, his desire for our soul will be satisfied. He will have us in the palm of his hand.

But we know better. Deep in our heart of hearts, we know when we make the wrong choice IF we have seasoned our conscience with a generous portion of the holy scriptures. We also know how futile it is to lay the blame for our sins at the feet of someone else. Nobody makes us sin! We enter this world in a sinless state with no moral defects. We are to blame for our own moral bankruptcy—we are separated from God because of our own sins (Ezk. 18:20).

The reality of this truth is foundational to our eternal salvation. This is exactly where Jesus began His famous mountainside message. He said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Mat. 5:3). The poor in spirit are those who have awakened to the realization of their own spiritual bankruptcy. We must acknowledge that our plight is our fault before we can avail ourselves of the spiritual blessings residing in Him who loves us so much. The devil wants us blame another for our destitution. But the cause for bankruptcy is not that complicated. Ignoring fundamental financial principles inevitably lead to bankruptcy. In a similar way, ignoring God’s will and listening to the pie in the sky promises of Satan will end in the destruction of a precious soul. Trying to shift the blame will not change the outcome. Don’t listen to Satan’s promises. He lies!   KD