About Our Bible Classes

Four study groups are offered twice each week: Sunday @ 9.30am and Wednesday @ 7.30p. They are divided by age groups ranging from preschool to Adult.  
Visitors are welcome - so bring your Bible and join with us as we learn together from God's Word.

About our curriculum:
Our Sunday classes are built around a three year survey of the entire Bible produced by the Shaping Hearts for God company. Every class every Sunday is studying the same Biblical text. This insures that families are always on the same lesson each week, even if they have children in different levels of study. The adults also have lessons adapted from the same material. To find out more about the curriculum, click here or on the image above.

Our Wednesday evening adult class is different from the children's classes. The adult class on Wednesday is more in depth and is either textual or topical. Currently we are studying the Prophet Daniel. Again, visitors are encouraged to participate in this informal discussion and study of the sacred text.

If you are planning to visit and want a copy of a Bible lesson, please don't hesitate to contact us. Click here to go to the information page

A look at how we divide our Bible Studies: